Tips in Taking Care of your INSPI Shirt

Tips in Taking Care of your INSPI Shirt

Tips in Taking Care of your INSPI Shirt

We outline some simple guidelines about how INSPI Shirt should be correctly cleaned and cared for. By keeping the following rules in mind you can significantly slow down the natural aging of your shirts and ultimately prolong their lifespan.


Flip the shirts inside out and put into the washing machine

This is the most common method to take care of your Inspi shirt. This is a way to prevent the shirt print from being removed easily and prolong a better lifespan. This basic protection should take place when you do your washing.


Pour on cold water before turning on the washing machine

We recommend a cold wash instead of a warm one. With a certain temperature of heat will cause the printing to be removed.

This is a No-No action to take when you wash your printed shirts especially on white shirts. Kindly use mild detergent for washing purposes.



Do not use dryer

Dryer is even worse to use than a bleach detergent. Once you use the dryer, your printed shirt will surely ‘die’ first. Just wash and hang it for drying purposes.


Do not try to scratch or brush the print design

The print design was done through a silkscreen process. Once you scratch or brush, the print will either crack or be removed easily.



Do not iron over the print

Never iron directly on shirt prints. If there is really a need to iron, lower the temperature settings, turn the shirt inside out and iron. Again, heat is always bad for shirts because prolonged ironing will damage the prints, causing them to peel.


Wash similar clothes together

An example is to wash white coloured shirts together, and not mixing them with other coloured shirts. Avoid washing jeans or harsher fabric with printed Inspi shirts. Harsher fabrics like denim may cause prints to peel when rubbed with softer fabric or prints during washing.

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